March 3, 2024

Bathroom Demolition Costs in Bend, Oregon [2024 Guide]

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom in Central Oregon? First things first, you'll need to tear out the old to make way for the new. Bathroom demolition costs usually fall between $900 and $3,200, depending on what you're removing and where you live in Central Oregon. You might pay around $50 per small fixture (think toilets and sinks) and up to $500 for large fixtures like shower enclosures. Follow this simple guide to understand the costs and process associated with a bathroom demolition!

Finding the Right People for the Job

Before you start swinging a sledgehammer, it's a good idea to look for a local pro in the Bend area who can handle the dirty work efficiently. Costs can vary, so it pays to shop around and read reviews to find a reliable contractor that fits your budget. You may need to get multiple trades involved depending on the scope of your project. Depending on the expertise of the demolition contractor and local codes, plumbers and electricians may need to safely disconnect components prior to demolition.

What Goes into a Bathroom Demolition

A standard bathroom tear-down in Bend usually involves removing vanities, countertops, showers, tubs, toilets, floors, lighting, and any wall accessories. Sometimes, especially if there's water damage or mold, you might need to strip everything back to the studs and start from scratch.

Breaking Down the Costs for Central Oregon

Here's a quick rundown of what you might pay for removing different bathroom components for Bend, Oregon:

- Walls: $90-$210
- Flooring: $152-$1800
- Cabinets and vanities: $285-$525
- Showers: $400-$2850
- Tubs: $50-$550
- Toilets: $47-$86
- Sinks: $30-$100
- Doors: Around $50

Costs in Oregon can swing based on the size of your bathroom and where you live, so keep that in mind.

Hourly vs. Project-Based Pricing

Some contractors charge by the hour, while others give you a flat rate for the whole project. The price can depend on how complex the demolition is. Generally, expect the labor part of the job to take between 5 to 15 hours. Be warned, contractors who charge by the hour may be doing so because they expect it to take longer or because they don't have enough experience to accurately price your project.

Keeping Costs Down in Central Oregon

Planning ahead, comparing Oregon contractor quotes, and doing some of the work yourself if you're up for it can help save money. Make sure you have a clear idea of what needs to go and what can stay to avoid unnecessary expenses. The best thing you can do to keep costs down is have each contractor visit your bathroom to inspect and provide an accurate quote. Before you begin the project be sure you have removed all of your personal items first so that the demolition can begin without any delays!

What to Expect During the Demolition

So you've chosen a reliable and licensed contractor in Central Oregon, to start, the team may begin by turning off the water and power to your bathroom. You'll need to clear out personal items and maybe set up some dust barriers if your contractor doesn't include that service. Even though it can be noisy and dusty, you can stay in your house during the demolition. A good contractor should have a plan to keep the harmful dust and silica out of the rest of your home, belongings and most importantly, your lungs!


Tearing out your old bathroom is the first step to creating the space you've been dreaming of. By understanding the costs for demolition in Bend, Oregon and what's involved, you can budget smartly and find the right contractor to make the process as smooth as possible.