Deschutes Public Library Sisters, Oregon

Project Details

Project Type

Selective Demolition


Sunwest Builders

Completion Date

February 2023


Sisters, Oregon


We take pride in being the leading commercial demolition contractor, specializing in selective demolition services. Our recent demolition project at the Sisters Public Library showcases our expertise in commercial remodel deconstruction. As a commercial demolition contractor, we prioritize safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to ensure a seamless demolition process. Our selective demolition services ensure that only necessary portions of the structure are dismantled, minimizing waste and reducing environmental impact. From interior remodel deconstruction to exterior structure removal, we deliver exceptional results with our expert team and state-of-the-art equipment. Trust us for all your commercial demolition needs, and experience the difference we bring to every project.


Swift takes a professional approach to all of our demolition projects. While many contractors that perform demolition may unleash a crew wielding sledges and sawsalls, Swift tackles deconstruction systematically with efficiency and safety as top priorities. Too many times we hear about finishes or fixtures that were demolished by mistake.

We kick off all of our projects with a briefing of the project scope, safety requirements, and points of contact and information for the project. From there, we can plan the proper order of attack. In addition to proper pre-planning, we are specifically tooled up with the right demolition equipment to keep timelines on schedule and prevent jobsite injuries.

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