Sunriver Resort Lodge Village

Project Details

Project Type

Selective Demolition


R&H Construction

Completion Date

January 2023


Sunriver, Oregon

About the project

In a race against time, R&H Construction trusted Swift Dustless Demo to tackle the daunting task of demolishing 16 high-end resort rooms. With an accelerated schedule that seemed unattainable, we pulled out all the stops to deliver exceptional results. Our experienced team swiftly swung into action, meticulously planning every step to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and techniques, we flawlessly executed the demolition, leaving no trace of debris or dust behind. Through our unwavering commitment and relentless endeavor, Swift Dustless Demo conquered the challenge, exceeding R&H Construction's expectations, and leaving them astonished by our meticulousness and professionalism.

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